Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Weddings and Receptions in Clark County

Are you planning an outdoor wedding or reception in Clark County? Learn about catering restrictions & how to obtain permits for live music & entertainment.

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Weddings and Receptions in Clark County

Are you planning an outdoor wedding or reception in Clark County? If so, you may be wondering what restrictions are in place for food and catering. Today, there are more than 75 chapels in Clark County, not including the dozens of chapels at Las Vegas resorts or the hundreds of additional indoor and outdoor enclosures scattered throughout the county. For couples looking to save money, Clark County is a good option. Renewals of vows are a frequent request for military personnel and veterans whose deployment pushed couples to celebrate a “quick” wedding instead of their dream wedding. Couples can get their license from the Clark County Marriage License Office, make a short stop at the chapel, and then run to the Strip to celebrate their vows.

Jeff Landsberg, of Beyond the Veil Bridal, said that most of his customers don't work with wedding planners, in part because his store focuses on mid-range and low-end dresses. Don Keisala of Elemental Events produces the Clark County Wedding Expo with Pauline Mulcahy, director of Your Party and Event Center in Vancouver. But brides are often overwhelmed by all the ideas that pop up on social media, leading to a “heap of confusion,” said Mulcahy. Wedding gowns should be purchased eight months or a year in advance to allow for special orders and modifications, Jeff Landsberg said. In recent years, outdoor weddings have gained popularity among couples. Mickey Rooney was married seven times, three of which took place in Las Vegas, and Elliot Gould was married and divorced twice in Clark County.

The Clark County Wedding Expo is held in January to help couples plan their dream weddings. The County Clerk's Office and the wedding industry continue to work together to showcase Las Vegas and its unique wedding style.

Catering for Outdoor Weddings and Receptions in Clark County

When it comes to catering for outdoor weddings and receptions in Clark County, there are no restrictions on food or catering. Couples can choose whatever type of food they want for their special day. However, it is important to note that if alcohol is served at the event, it must be done so responsibly.

Additionally, if you plan on having live music or other entertainment at your event, you will need to obtain a permit from the county.

Celebrating Your Dream Wedding

Maybe your wedding was rushed, small, or simple, and now you have the resources to truly celebrate your dream wedding with family and friends. Whether it was an intimate ceremony followed by a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, a clandestine reception at the Mafia Museum, or a virtual trip to Paris to celebrate a wedding and a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, simplifying the process for obtaining a marriage license changed the whole picture and made it possible for couples to get married any way they wanted.

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